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Be ready for anything life throws at you.


"We Help People In Resuming Or Enhancing Their Activities, Workouts, and Sports Without Resorting To Surgery, Stopping Activities They Love, Or Relying On Pain Medication."

How can we help?

Get a roadmap to solve your problems.

We’ll get to the root of your problems and identify all the contributing factors that need to be addressed.

Teach you how to train in the presence of your injury

We’ll teach you how to modify your movements so you can keep participating in workouts, class or sports even while you’re injured.

Control your pain and get back to what you love.

We'll combine all of the best treatments into one tailored approach so you can get better, faster.

We bridge the gap between the medicine world and fitness world

We’ll build your long-term success by pushing your body to become more resilient after injury. 

Tap into the resources you need to live your best healthy life.

Get a holistic solution with our partner gyms, health and wellness experts, sports psychologists, sleep experts and more.

Don’t let an injury stop you from training. We’ll keep you moving while your body is healing.

The pain of an injury can make it feel impossible to stay active. It might seem like there's no way you'll ever fully heal.


But there are safe, natural, and effective techniques to heal your body and breakthrough your old limitations. So you don't just heal, you become fitter than ever.


To stop the pain and start healing, we'll help you safely increase your activity levels, push your limits, and get stronger even when you're dealing with an injury.


Building strength in both body and mind empowers you to move easier, perform better, and recover faster than you ever thought possible.

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See how TruStrength Performance and Rehab is changing the lives of people just like you.

Meet Sullivan

Meet Josh

Don't let your injury hold you back one more day.

Get a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation.

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