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We don't just treat your symptoms. We lay out an effective holistic health plan that addresses your root issues to create a healing environment.



20-minute assessment and Q&A to evaluate your injury and show you how we can help you stay active as you heal.


Customized treatment to heal your injury, rebuild strength, and increase performance. Plus workout modifications so you can stick to your routine even while you're injured. 


Remote rehab and training exercises, plus self-therapy techniques to relieve pain and get you back to doing what you love.


Individual training to work on specific movements or skills after injury and safely take your athletic potential to the next level. 


One of our providers will perform a movement screen and answer questions about the symptoms you are experiencing.


We will also discuss if you are a good fit for physical therapy and how we can help you with your pain.

Online Zumba Lesson

Initial Evaluation

60 Minute Session


Use this option for when you are unable to meet with us in person but still need treatment.


Will get programming and movement/diagnosis evaluation.


This is for people who want a service that is a notch above the rest. We have the education and experience to train healthy and injured clients. We have Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees, Athletic Training degrees, and strength & fitness certifications, and more. It’s smart, safe, and effective way to train especially if you have any history of pain or injury. We bridge the gap between the medicine world and the fitness world. 


60 Minute Session

Weight Lifting

30 Minute Session

Contact us if you are interested in competition coverage for your team!


Preventing an injury is much easier than rehabbing one.  These sessions will include hands-on dry needling, instrument-assisted soft tissue massage, cupping, and selective exercise to help prevent injuries. 


This program was developed for the strength athlete in mind and is a great way to get ready for a big workout or recover from a tough one.


NOTE: This is a preventative program, if you are currently in pain consider scheduling an evaluation for a full treatment.


This service is perfect for anyone who is experiencing pain from an injury or limitation.


If you feel like everything you have tried isn’t working, getting a performance therapy evaluation with subsequent treatment is what you are looking for.


Our therapy services aim to help you avoid surgeries, injections, and long-term pain medications.


These changes will ultimately allow you to train and do the things you love to do with more consistency and enjoyment.


Initial Evaluation

60 Minute 1:1 Treatment


Initial Evaluation

60 Minute 1:1 Treatment

In-Network Model
TruStrength Model
Face to Face Time
15 Minutes
60 Minutes
Length of Care
3 visits a week for 8 weeks
1 visit a week for 4 weeks
Cost of Care
Inquire Below
Inquire Below

In most cases, we are either competitive with in-network clinics or can actually save you money while providing more personalized 1:1 care.

*See list at the bottom of the page for a list of partner gyms.

We believe in total price transparency.

Inquire about pricing.

Price Transparency
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